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About SGO Glasgow

SGO (Glasgow) was bought over on 5th July 2000 by John Brown. Having been previously employed in the, ever increasing fast track, double glazing industry John instantly recognised the major role that decorative glass plays in adding that " distinctive finishing touch" to homes whether it be in a coloured, bevelled or sandblast finish.

Over the last two years John and his team have strived to make significant improvements within the company to maintain SGO's reputation as leading supplier of decorative glass to the window industry. We have recently installed a new state of the art Computer Aided Design system to ensure complete design flexibility.

We at SGO pride ourselves in quality and are proud to hold the National Quality Assurance status to BS EN ISO 9002 and continue to maintain standards above this regulation.

SGO (Glasgow) enjoy offering a service which allows our customers the chance to make their dreams come true whether it be through our extensive range of designs or by helping create new designs.

Thankyou for taking time to visit our website. We hope you enjoy it. Have fun and take care.

John and staff

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SGO Glasgow
392 Swantson St
Glasgow, G40 4HW
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Tel: 0141 554 5550
Fax: 0141 554 5125

SGO Glasgow, 392 Swantson St, Glasgow G40 4HW - Tel: 0141 554 5550, Fax: 0141 554 5125, E-mail

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